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Big Screen Billboard

Put Our Huge Billboards to work for Huge Results!

Big Screen Billboards offer advertisers a new medium to catch the imagination of their customer base. Big Screen Billboard Advertising provides you with a high impact and flexible outdoor campaign. They are our largest advertising medium and can be placed in a variety of locations for short- term periods.

We have taken the tried and tested concept of the roadside billboard and have made it bigger, more flexible and provided the ability to place this medium anywhere. Big Screen also has the ability to have a message placed on both sides of the structure giving it double the impact!

Instead of being anchored to a street corner and becoming a regular part of the landscape with no long term impact our temporary billboards can be placed in specific outdoor locations for short periods of time, impacting large numbers of people instantly.

A Big Screen Billboard is set in place using tensions ropes, ground weights or stakes depending on the location of the promotion. The structure is strong enough to sustain wind gusts of 45 kph and can be deflated in a matter of seconds. They are inflated with a high pressure, low noise fan casing no detrimental impact to the environment.

The end result is a striking and unique promotional initiative that will engage potential customers in a large way and keep them talking for days after first contact.