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Big Outdoor Video Screen

Big outdoor video screen, experience makes the difference in quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence, performance and operational dependability has been a hallmark for nearly a decade. In fact, many systems have already been installed and still in full operation today. Its proven capability is the best reason for insisting on a big outdoor video screen display.

Big outdoor video screen have superior image quality.

Even in the brightest conditions. Images are free of patchy color and light dispersion. Because of a non-interlace scanning method which refreshes the whole image, flicker or blurring in still or moving video images are nonexistent. And optimized vertical and horizontal viewing angles allow spectators to enjoy the screen from almost anywhere in the house.

Big outdoor video screen utilizes a unique image processing system

It creates a dynamic pixel to produce high-definition, vivid images unlike any produced by other systems. This dynamic pixel technology is consistent among all big screen models, whether installed indoors or out. Special circumstances may also be addressed by Big outdoor video screen innovations. For outdoor installations, our unique contrast filters and shades prevent images from washing out in direct sunlight. For indoor displays, special micro-lens filters provide extremely wide viewing angles and high contrast.

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Inflatable outdoor cinema movie screens

Inflatable movie screens from Big Screen Promotions are the perfect way to create unique, unforgettable outdoor media and entertainment events.

Our products are perfect for a number of applications including:

Bullet Point
Outdoor cinema
Bullet Point
Outdoor advertising
Bullet Point
Bullet Point
Live broadcasts and
Bullet Point
Sporting events
Bullet Point
Corporate Events

Mobile Screen Event Strategy Session

If you are looking for fresh innovative ideas for your event contact Big Screen Promotions. The Big Screen team would be more than happy to meet and provide you with some advice on how to make your event not only exciting but memorable!