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LED Screen Outdoor Cinema

Whether you are entertaining the community or just want to enjoy your favorite movies or sporting broadcast outdoors you can impress friends, colleagues, clients or your community with the new LED screen outdoor cinema experience in the outside of your house.

So if you are holding a major outdoor event at a local community centre, park or conference centre or just want to convert your backyard or pool area into a spectacular outdoor cinema setting. LED Screen Outdoor Cinema is the right equipment to use.

LED Screen Outdoor Cinema business has evolved

LED screen technology has matured as the market has. Big screen have experience and expertise across all areas of the business, ensuring that we are able to advice and support all levels of the process and that you receive the very best overall solution.

Sharpness and Clarity, in the Daylight

Even during bright daylight, the LED screen outdoor cinema offers a perfect and colorful image. The quality is as good as any of the much more expensive comparable LED screens. As daylight is fading, the picture quality will even be much fuller. This is possible due to the fact that LED images are powered with approx.

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Inflatable outdoor cinema movie screens

Inflatable movie screens from Big Screen Promotions are the perfect way to create unique, unforgettable outdoor media and entertainment events.

Our products are perfect for a number of applications including:

Bullet Point
Outdoor cinema
Bullet Point
Outdoor advertising
Bullet Point
Bullet Point
Live broadcasts and
Bullet Point
Sporting events
Bullet Point
Corporate Events

Mobile Screen Event Strategy Session

If you are looking for fresh innovative ideas for your event contact Big Screen Promotions. The Big Screen team would be more than happy to meet and provide you with some advice on how to make your event not only exciting but memorable!