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LED screen makes these large screens possible. LED is a semi-conductor that emits visible light when electrons pass through it. From the exterior, it may look like a small lamp, but it functions in a totally different way. The emission of light depends on electrons flowing between anode and cathode within the LED chip, and the color of the visual emission depends on the materials utilized.

LED Screen Facts

This is a defining factor of a giant screens viewing distance, for the following reasons: the closer the pixels are, the closer the minimum distance but higher the screen cost per area and the further apart the pixels are, the further away the minimum viewing distance is and the lower the screen cost per area. Therefore, the pitch determines the image definition and cost of the LED screen. Low pixel pitch equals higher definition and cost; high pixel pitch equals lower definition and cost.

Event and Marketing Display Solutions

LED screen are the solution for making sure you reach the widest, most appropriate audience for your event or campaign, whether it's a conference, concert, political event, fundraising drive, any message can go anywhere thanks to the ease and convenience of LED video screen capabilities.

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Inflatable outdoor cinema movie screens

Inflatable movie screens from Big Screen Promotions are the perfect way to create unique, unforgettable outdoor media and entertainment events.

Our products are perfect for a number of applications including:

Bullet Point
Outdoor cinema
Bullet Point
Outdoor advertising
Bullet Point
Bullet Point
Live broadcasts and
Bullet Point
Sporting events
Bullet Point
Corporate Events

Mobile Screen Event Strategy Session

If you are looking for fresh innovative ideas for your event contact Big Screen Promotions. The Big Screen team would be more than happy to meet and provide you with some advice on how to make your event not only exciting but memorable!