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LED Display Screen Rental

We can provide high power led lighting, led tubes, indoor led screen, outdoor led display, etc... LED display screen rental provide professional led display manufacturer in the whole world, not only provide led display products to our customer, but also provide customer with integrated solution in advertising Industry. When we design the led display screens, we are always considering the users full investment on the LED display screen rental business in order to supply more efficient solutions for our customer.

LED display screen rental are specifically to serve stadiums and arenas.

They are widely adaptable and can be used in any environment. We analyze every installation and offer the project runner with LED solutions on order basis. For outdoor led display screens, we use visual pixel technology to realize better performance of vivid led display. For indoor led display, we use Surface Mounted Device technology, which takes wider viewing angle, higher refresh rate for the advertising and rental use.

LED Display Screen Rental makes it possible

We are expanding the advertising markets and adequately revealing the enterprise. There are a lot of advantages of LED Display: easy installation (removable), less investment, large information capacity, high efficiency (any information could be sent no matter where the media is or how many it is), high-usage of the carrier, and good night viewing effects, that the traditional wired screen couldn’t compare to. With the advantage of wireless offline receiving, storage and displaying information,

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Inflatable outdoor cinema movie screens

Inflatable movie screens from Big Screen Promotions are the perfect way to create unique, unforgettable outdoor media and entertainment events.

Our products are perfect for a number of applications including:

Bullet Point
Outdoor cinema
Bullet Point
Outdoor advertising
Bullet Point
Bullet Point
Live broadcasts and
Bullet Point
Sporting events
Bullet Point
Corporate Events

Mobile Screen Event Strategy Session

If you are looking for fresh innovative ideas for your event contact Big Screen Promotions. The Big Screen team would be more than happy to meet and provide you with some advice on how to make your event not only exciting but memorable!